Just A Good Day

This is not going to be a deep and meaningful blog posting today.  Sorry (or you’re welcome, whichever!).  I just had a really good day today and wanted to share.

Started with brunch with a friend.  She came over and I cooked (scary, trust me).  I didn’t burn the house down, but more importantly, Inara was pretty damned good.  I had my friend armed with treats before she even came through the door, and having those tossed on the floor really helped Inara keep her feet on the floor where they belong.  She settled pretty quickly, which was great.

After my friend left, me, Inara & Mal just lounged around a little bit, relaxing.  The weather was gorgeous – sunny and mid-60’s.  Doors and windows were open.  Beautiful.  So all three of us just snuggled on the couch:

Lounging together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Lounging together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, Inara and I met up with a friend and her dog for a walk.  We tried doing some BAT with Inara and her dog, but Inara was so blase about her that we couldn’t really do anything.  Which is exactly the point!  So we said, “forget it!” and just did our walk.  We walked for two hours.  Inara was a dream.  I think she was enjoying the fresh warm air as much as I was.

Ignoring our walking buddy!
Ignoring our walking buddy!

So we walked for about two hours, at which point I was whupped.  Too much fresh air!  So we came home and I crashed on the couch after pulling Inara’s bed into the patch of sunshine on the floor for her.  But Malcolm beat her to the punch and made himself comfy before she could.

Mal getting comfy on Inara's bed.
Mal getting comfy on Inara’s bed.

Poor Inara just stood there for a couple minutes, looking dejectedly between her bed and me.  And then she very gently stepped onto the bed and Malcolm looked up, gave her a little “mrrrow” and put his head back down.  At which point I grabbed my phone to get video:

I loved this.  She was so gentle, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that if Mal had stayed there, she would have just curled up around him.  At which point I would have died of joy overload.  Anyway, after that little flash of “awwww!”, I had ANOTHER one – Mal got back onto the bed and curled up beside Inara!

Holy cripes.  Too much cuteness.  Oxytocin overload!
Holy cripes. Too much cuteness. Oxytocin overload!

Yep, I swooned a little.  They stayed like that for over an hour.  It was really fantastic.  Mal’s been with us for about 3 months now and he’s really starting to come out of his shell, and Inara just really seems to enjoy him.

So yeah, just an all-around good day.  I hope you all had good, relaxing Sundays as well.