Silly pet tricks, Part 1

For some reason, I got it into my head that I want Inara to stick her tongue out on cue.  Why?  Why not?  Unfortunately it’s slow going.  For some reason I’m finding this a hard behavior to catch with the clicker.  I’ve had three little sessions and I think we’re seeing a bit more tongue action, but I don’t think she’s realizing that’s what I’m clicking.  You can see that she’s up and down and throwing behaviors at me.  Which also doesn’t make it easier to see when her tongue flicks out.  But we’re trying and we’ll get there!  Anyway, here are the first three training sessions we’ve done.  They’re not exciting, but I thought it would be fun to be able to see any progression.

On a random note, we have our first C-WAGS Rally competition this Sunday, so wish us luck!!!

3 thoughts on “Silly pet tricks, Part 1

  1. So how did the CWAGS comp go? I was going to go and enter my dal… but I ended up having a puppy match that day with my other dal. I taught my female dal to stick her tongue out. It was a lot slower than everything else I have taught her, but she eventually got it. You get better at clicking the licks once you know they are becoming more frequent. Lol We take classes at Fortunate Fido… we just started about three weeks ago. Laurie Buchele was our old trainer and then we moved.

  2. Thanks for asking about our show! I need to post about it. We got a 1st in obedience (woot!) and a 2nd in obedience (woot!) and a 4th in rally (woot!). I’m pretty excited – Inara did really well and handled the stress/commotion/dogs awesomely.

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