I feel like chicken tonight!

So I fed it!  That’s right, switched Inara back to a raw diet.  She was on it years ago but it just got too expensive.  However, I spent some time sourcing food and I can feed her for less than a dollar a day, about the same price as her kibble.  I’m also keeping an eye on CraigsList for a used freezer so I can buy in bulk.

Inara seemed VERY excited when she saw me getting chicken out for her.  It makes me happy to see her enjoy a meal so much, and know how healthy and appropriate it is for her.

Being the total dork that I am, I took video.  So, enjoy!

2 thoughts on “I feel like chicken tonight!

  1. YAY! Another close raw feeder! I have fed my two dals raw for a long time. Doc since he was eight weeks (now almost 9 months) and Delta since four months (now almost 2). We love this diet. We got a free freezer off craigslist, so I hope you find one too! Do you mind if I ask your sources. 😀 I have a source from around Dayton, but I meet up with her in Columbus, for turkey trim for $22 for 40 lbs and turkey necks for $24/25 dollars for 30 lbs. We also order our red meat from mypetcarnivore… Yay, I’m so happy to find raw feeders nearby!

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have any sources yet. Once I get a freezer, there’s a place on the east side of Cleveland that sells 40 lbs of chicken quarters for $19, so I’ll be all over that. I also need to hit up all the ethnic stores around my house and see what fun meat stuff they have.

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