Pivots, seminars and footsies

So Inara and I had dog school tonight and she did fabulous.  🙂  Last week was a little rough ’cause it was our first session and there were new dogs in class, but this week all the dogs did beautifully.  Ginger had us working on a bunch of different things to help keep it interesting for us.  She broke out the dreaded Left Pivot sign.  I HATE the Left Pivot.  You have to put your dog in a sit in the Heel position, and then turn 90 degrees to the left without really moving your feet, and your dog has to go with you.  Right Pivots are no problem for us.  But the left ones have just been elusive.  Not tonight though!  I, being the genius that I am *rolling eyes*, finally remembered that Inara knows what “Left” means.  Duh.  So I said, “Inara – Left!  Heel!” as I turned so she knew to turn left and get back in heel position.  It wasn’t tight beside me, but after several reps she was turning left and then hopping back into heel position.  I was pretty excited.  Alright, that’s a lie.  I was thrilled.  I thought we’d NEVER get that down but now we’ve got a great start on it!  Woot!

This weekend I’m PUMPED ’cause Inara and I have working spots at a seminar with Steve and Jen White.  They are known for their positive reinforcement training skills, even of police dogs (WHAT???  You don’t need compulsion to train police dogs???  Yes, that was sarcasm.).  And I keep hearing, “you get to go to that?  I’m so jealous!!!” so I know it should be really good, LOL.

Inara is having some sort of problem with her feetsies.  The outside toenails of her back feet (mainly her back left) are rubbing raw spots onto the inside of the toes next to them.  Her nails aren’t long or rough, so I’m not sure what the problem is.  Her toes actually were bleeding after a long walk this past weekend.  I’m not real sure how to toughen them up or stop the rubbing.  And I’m not sure why it just started.  The only thing I can think is that I got her a walking harness (from Brown Dog Designs – OUTSTANDING quality) so she could pull on walks and get a better workout, so maybe as she’s pulling her feet are pushing outwards a bit, causing the outside toes to chafe on the inner toes.  I don’t know, but I don’t like it and I WILL figure out a way to keep her toesies comfy.

Inara in her BDD Walking Harness
Ouchy feet. 😦

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