I’m a bad blogger…with a GREAT dog!

It has been WAY too long since I updated this blog, which is a travesty because Inara is doing so well!!!!  *insert happy dance*

Since my last posting, we’ve been doing Rally almost non-stop.  The classes usually have 6 dogs total in them, and we no longer are confined to the corner by the bathroom!  There are no more Sucks To Be You Sequesterings for class!!!  Ever!  Inara may still give a few random barks when dogs enter, but I truly believe it’s more out of habit now than anything else.  She is easily redirected back to me at these times and starts throwing tricks at me for treats.  She will occasionally still throw a half-hearted lunge/bark at another dog, usually females (she’s becoming rather bitch-selective!); but again, she is easily redirected and continues right on as if nothing happened.  And we actually worked off-leash this week (with the other dogs in other rooms).  She has NEVER paid attention to me like she did while working off-leash.  It was really neat.  I’ll admit it – I was giddy.  🙂

So I have gone from having a stark raving lunatic of a dog that barked and lunged uncontrollably at other dogs and couldn’t be in a class setting, to a dog that is now happily working off-leash with other dogs in the near vicinity.  All with the miracles of positive reinforcement and negative punishment.  No aversive collars.  No leash yanks.  No yelling.  Just a clicker, treats, fun and a great trainer who read my dog correctly.

5 thoughts on “I’m a bad blogger…with a GREAT dog!

  1. That’s WONDERFUL! It’s so amazing when you can see a marked improvement and see how your really hard work pays off. Congrats!!

  2. Hi-
    I website-hopped and ended up at your blog… it began with a search about L-Theanine for my anxiety-prone boxer and I came across your inquiry about it on a forum at pitbull talk… I followed your links to here. I haven’t had a chance to look through your blog to see if you talked about it on here, but if you have time, I would love to connect with you about this and see how it worked for Inara. I’m eager to hear more… Thanks for your time- Emily

  3. Inara is doing great!! Ginger is an awesome trainer who helps you work wonders with your dog. I am hoping to have the same result with my little man Hydro. I will be seeing you and Inara i Rally again this week. Hopefully, I can keep Cali a bit more managed….

  4. Thanks, Rhonda! How ever did you find my blog? LOL This past week was a little rough for most of the dogs, I think. New classmates always make things difficult the first week. I have great faith that this coming week will be MUCH better!

  5. I googled Fortunate Fido to see if my blog would show up….mine didn’t but yours did!! LOL….Hydro did great tonight in Relax!! So proud of my little man!!

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