Progress continues!

So for those of you who don’t know, Inara and I are part of a 1940’s style pin-up calendar that donates money to Daddy Dolls (for military kids).  All the pictures must have a pit bull in them as a part of the photo, not just kind of added as an afterthought.  This is our third year doing it.  In fact, you can find the calendar on Facebook – just do a search for Pit Bulls & Pretty Girls. 

Anyway, the first year I found a photographer here in Ohio.  But last year I went to NY to do a mass photo shoot with some friends.  It was super stressful for both Inara and I because she kept trying to start crap with the other dogs and that necessitated her being kept crated the majority of the time.  Not cool, but her own fault.  She also had trouble maintaining stays during the photo shoot, so it was tough to get a good pic of her.

But this year???  Holy criminey she did so much better!  With a few clicks and treats I easily got her within a couple feet of a dog she went after last year.   She was able to be crated around the other dogs instead of sequestered in a hallway.  She didn’t snark at the other dogs while crated in close quarters in a van.  Her obedience during the actual photo shoot was stellar.  In other words, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog!

It really amazes me how quickly and easily she takes to things when using the clicker.  I used to get so annoyed at the “clicker nazi’s” who always made me feel that if I wasn’t using one I was just the dumbest person they’ve ever met.  Actually, those people do still annoy me.  😉  But now I understand their zeal for it and their desire that everybody give it a try.  A true effort, not just a couple days or months.  We’ve been working on this for over a year, but now her progress is really coming in leaps and bounds instead of small increments.

I love my dog.  🙂

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