Quick update on life!

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I updated.  But we moved so life was consumed by packing for quite a while!  LOL  We now have our very own house, with a fenced in backyard.  It’s exciting and Inara really seems to be happy here.

What else?  Let’s see.  Inara’s mom, Sophie, is safely in a rescue in NY where she is being fostered and loved.  She’s been there for a few weeks now and is apparently quite the energetic dog!

Unfortunately we had to miss the last 2 sessions of our class with “normal” dogs due to car troubles and moving.  However, we are competing on May 30th in a C-WAGS competition.  We had a practice run-thru last night and Inara did SO WELL!  She heeled beside me like a pro, making my instructor laugh because she was obviously having trouble staying with me as opposed to bounding ahead.  She’s got quite the perky heel!  She did her sit and down stays very well.  And perhaps most shockingly of all, she managed to stay in a sit and down beside me while I shook hands with a couple people she’d never seen before!!!  Woot!!!

So with our competition coming up so quickly, my instructor and I are conspiring as to how to give Inara a fighting chance at competing.  We both realize that if she has to navigate through a gauntlet of dogs to get into the building where the competition is being held, she’ll fall apart and won’t be able to get focused on me.  So Ginger is actually doing some research to see if the two of us can come in through a window in the office!  Can you imagine???  I love having a trainer who’s willing to brainstorm and do what she can to help us out.  So hopefully that will work out and somebody will get a video of me hoisting Inara and myself through a window!  LOL

I’ve started a new business making and selling slip leads, leashes, slip collars and martingale collars made out of parachute rigging cord.  They’re colorful and super strong.  Check out my website!  Lead Me On

Pink and yellow 5' leash

Finally, and very excitingly, Embrace Pet Insurance contacted me to see if they could interview Inara for their newsletter!  How cool is that?!?  As soon as I have the link to the newsletter I’ll post it up here!

Anyway, I suppose that’s about it.  Thanks for sticking around through my sporadic postings!

Enjoying the sunshine

One thought on “Quick update on life!

  1. Ran across your blog today by accident today After reading all of your previous posts, I am shocked by how similar our own PB’s (Iris) behavior is to your Inara’s. Iris is a very sweet dog, but when she’s out on a walk she’s almost impossible to control at times. She’s leash reactive with other dogs, and despite trying several different training methodologies, several rounds of obedience training, and employing a private one-on-one trainer, we’ve made very little progress. It’s becoming a big problem, and my wife and I are desperate to find a solution so that Iris can learn to control herself. Your blog has given me a bit of hope!

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