“Normal” class, day 3

Forgot to update this after last weekend’s class. πŸ™‚ I once again had an “almost normal” dog! I’ve accepted the fact that she will always bark and carry on when we first enter the training center. I just pick her front feet up off the ground by her harness and smile and laugh with the other owners as I drag her by. Then she gets the “sucks to be you” and immediately into the bathroom we go. This week our first bathroom trip was probably 2 minutes – not too bad! After that, I think we only went back in the bathroom maybe 4 or 5 times for less than a minute each time! We had a substitute instructor and she kept coming over to say how well Inara was doing. πŸ˜€

We are down to one barrier instead of the original 3. The one barrier now is just to keep Inara (and me?) from wanting to kill the Corgi and its owners. They’re just totally oblivious to their dog staring at Inara and setting her off. They also can’t control the Corgi and often end up moving far enough away from their starting point that our barrier needs to be adjusted.

Inara did much better this week on her “sit politely for the judge.” Anne, the instructor, said whenever she is judging she makes a point of ignoring the dog and swooping in from the side, instead of bearing down head-on, staring directly at the dog. Unfortunately she said several of the judges do the head-on approach. That will be our breaking point moreso than anything else I think. Inara is looking quite skilled at the exercises and Anne complimented us several times on our performance. I’m really enjoying this!

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