Please help save Inara’s mom!

Inara’s mom was still at the “shelter” that she was at when I rescued Inara.  Five years ago.  She’s been there for FIVE YEARS.  Anyway, the “shelter” was raided and the animals were all confiscated due to hoarding, over-crowding, inhumane conditions and dead dogs found on the premises.  Fortunately Inara’s mom has been located – she is safe and sound!  Please, if anybody is willing to foster her or take her into rescue I will do whatever I can to help you out.  If you can help, please call 330-394-3512.  Her name is Sophie, and she is #9.  Her picture breaks my heart because I see Inara in her eyes.  I just want her to find a forever home and know the love that her daughter knows.  Can anybody help?  Please crosspost her…

Sophie, Inara's beautiful mother

2 thoughts on “Please help save Inara’s mom!

  1. I have been working at the warehouse with the dogs from the raided “shelter”. I know exactly who Sophie, Inara’s mother is. I cleaned her cage, scratched her ears and loved her up. She is doing fine. She is very quiet and loves human contact and is loved by all of the volunteers. She is a little on the thin side, but is eating well. As of Sunday, she was still at the warehouse. I am hoping she was fostered out by now. All of the dogs are very well cared for. They are fed daily and watered many times. They have ample opportunity to be removed from their cage and walked. Cages are cleaned numerous times during the day and replaced with fresh, clean bedding. They have all received medical care, which I am sure did not happen at their “shelter” and are being groomed by groomers. Honestly, I was hearbroken when I went to help on the first day, but as I refelcted on how they had to live in their “shelter” I discovered these dogs now are living the best they ever have. Don’t worry about Sophie. She is a sweetheart that will find her way to her forever home.

  2. Debbie, thanks so much for letting me know that you’ve actually met her and loved on her! I believe she is still there and I’m hoping to go meet her myself on Saturday. I’m so thankful for all the volunteers and staff that are giving their blood, sweat and tears for all the animals. I have no doubt that she is very good, save, loving hands right now. Thank you. 🙂

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