What a brave doogan!

So Inara does not like being unsteady on her feet. I think I made it worse a couple years ago when we took an agility class that didn’t really introduce obstacles, but just kind of said, “here they are, have at it.” I took her right up and over the see-saw and she was petrified when it moved under her feet. Refused to go back on it. Since then, she doesn’t like things moving under her feet, or being on unsteady/slippery surfaces.

We have a little playground across the street from us, so tonight we went over there. Just for fun, I sat partway up the slide and clicked/treated whenever she touched it with her nose. Then she progressed to putting one foot on there. Then she put both front feet on. I was pretty thrilled because it’s a stainless steel slide and very slick and noisy. So I was happy to leave it at that and got off the slide. That little crapper of a pupper jumped with all four feet onto the slide and tried to run up it! Her nails were making a horrible sound and she was scrabbling all over it trying to keep her balance. I couldn’t help it, I laughed. And as soon as I started laughing she paused and then did it again! She kept doing it, her tail just waving, until finally I called her off of it.

It was so funny, but also a really good breakthough for her. Like I said, she’s very weird about being off-balance so for her to do this all on her own is pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “What a brave doogan!

  1. I luvs the slide at the park down the street. Whenever I goes there, I runs up the ladder and go down the slide! Mummy sez I am reely too big fer the slide. Pfft.

    Yer pal Dozer

  2. I TOTALLY get it. Our pit bull is the same way. I’m reading through your blog and totally sympathizing. I’m hoping to find some answers to our problems as well! Keep us informed!

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