Great start to the day

So I was ready for work a few minutes earlier than usual this morning so I decided to take Inara for a quick jaunt around my condo development. We make it to the end of the driveway and get bum-rushed by a barking and growling yellow Lab. These people recently moved in so Inara still gets worked up in general when she sees this dog, just because she’s not used to it yet. But to have it come running up growling? Not cool.

I holler at the lady, “Get your dog, mine’s not friendly!” And she’s doing the ineffective, “Truman, come! Truman, come here. Come, come here Truman!” I was straddling Inara to keep her back and Truman was circling us growling and barking. I snarled at him to “git!” and he backed up a bit. Finally he went back to his owner but he didn’t have a collar on (of course) so he immediately came rushing back to us. I’m just turning so I can keep facing him, while Inara is just itching for a piece of him but getting pissed ’cause I’m still straddling her and she can’t go anywhere. Finally Truman decided we weren’t worth it and went back to his owner.

I lit into her about the leash laws and she said, “there’s not normally anybody out at this hour.” I said it didn’t matter, that a law is a law no matter who is around. I was PISSED.

5 thoughts on “Great start to the day

  1. Oh I know this situation so well, but substitute the yellow lab for a black lab. The owner also, unfortunately doesn’t even live in my condos so I can’t report him to our HOA. I feel for you and you aren’t alone!!
    ~P’s Mom

  2. I’ve got one of those in my neighborhood, but the lab is on a flexi-leash with his owner walking down the center of the road. While Quizz is generally really good about other dogs, he’s really funny about ettiqutte. He does NOT like the 25 feet of run the other dog gets while he gets the measly 6 feet.

    Leash laws are there for the saftey of people and the dogs. GRRRRRR.

  3. I just hate this! Daisy hates yellow labs because of this scenario you decsribe. Guess who was the obnoxious barking lunging dog in our CGC class, a yellow lab!

  4. This is wun of menny reesons why Mummy does not take me on walks in our nayborhood ennymore! She is tired of deeling with loose dawgs every time and even when they is not loose I am very skeered of all the dawgs wut bark and snarl and pound on the fences when I walk by. We does not have enny nice dawgs in our nayborhood.

    Yer pal Dozer

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