Trying different training method, again

Hopefully I won’t lose any fans over this, but I’ve begun using an e-collar on Inara again.  About a year and a half ago I worked with a fantastic trainer who used the e-collar in an extremely gentle way (Roni Hoff at Tri-Star K9).  She likened it to a tap on the shoulder.  She used it at an extremely low level, causing no discomfort to Inara whatsoever.  I’d actually never seen her work so happily.

Unfortunately Roni is in another state so I couldn’t afford to go back and work with her again.  I quit using the e-collar as I wasn’t comfortable doing it without guidance.  So I went back to the prong for several months and then switched to the Halti.  I’m glad I did so as it taught me to help Inara through her dog reactivity.

A couple days ago I broke out her e-collar again after seeing a video called “Just Right Dog Training,” by Robin MacFarlane.  She also uses it at the lowest level possible.  It gave me the confidence to try again.  And so far I’m glad I did.

I took Inara out on her 30′ lead and found her working level on the e-collar (not going to go into details – if you are interested in working with an e-collar find a reputable trainer).  We then began working on recalls, with her flying back to me, tail wagging.  We also worked on loose-leash walking and she pranced next to me, gazing up at my face, tail still wagging.  She ignored the annoying yappy Yorkie’s who were shrieking at her. She ignored the fat Lab she lives to scream at.  And she did it all happily.  It was really great!

The collar we use is a Dogtra 280NCP Platinum.  It has 127 levels of stimulation.  At Inara’s working level, I barely feel it as a pulse against my hand.  It’s not shocking her at all.  If you are interested in learning more about this type of training, I recommend you visit Tri-Star K9 or That’s My Dog.

Dogtra 280NCP - the e-collar we use
Dogtra 280NCP - the e-collar we use

4 thoughts on “Trying different training method, again

  1. I know. I’ll have to get some video of her working so you can see how happy she is. You know I would never do anything to cause her pain.

  2. I have a very strong beagle mix who is a puller & a lunger- he is 53 lbs. & solid muscle. Two months ago we were out for a walk with one of my other dogs – the beagle lunged – the leash was wrapped around my fingers – broke my pinkie & fractured a bone on the top of my hand. My fault – I had done very little training with him previous to the accident. Now I have only one hand to work with – psyhio twice a week for god knows how long, & no money for obedience classes. Today, I went & bought a prong collar – I swore I would never use one – but only having the use of my right hand is not enough to control him even with treats & lots of praise. I spoke to a trainer at the pet store when I took him over – she recommended the prong or a GL. Short term I am hoping that it will help with training – he had it on in the store & it made a huge difference just for that brief period. I noticed in your post that you have used one. Just wondering how it worked for you? Thanks

  3. My mummy trains me wif a Tritronic Sport Collar. Itz not as fancy as the e-collar yer mummy got fer you cause it dossen’t have as menny settings. I’z pretty sensitive to my collar, so mummy haz it set on 1/2 most of the time. Mummy sez she can’t even feel it on her fingers. My trainer Mary tolled mummy that to me it feels like tickly bugs. I doez not know how Mary noes this. Wen I wear my e-collar, I usually behaves like a gentlemen. Lotz of times, I lissen to mummy’s voice command and she dossen’t even have to press the butten.

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