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Thanks for being a fan!  I’m going to pass this award right on to Mina and Celeste’s mom at For The Pit Bulls.  I recently found her blog and really like it.  Everybody should check it out!

Now, to the crux of today’s blog.  To breed or not to breed?  I could write pages and pages and pages, and may do so at a later date, but for now, I simply want to post this graph:


There are too many backyard breeders (BYB’s) in this country right now, and quite frankly, they are the downfall of some of breeds – one of which is definitely the pit bull.  BYB’s are breeding for head size, or color, or low and wides, as opposed to temperament and ability to take more than four steps without gasping for air.  BYB’s are in it for the money.  Reputable breeders lose money on litters.  So why do they do it?  For love of the breed.  They want to see the breed improved with every litter.

Maybe you want to breed your much beloved dog for sentimental reasons – you want a pup that will be just like him/her.  You do realize that all dogs have individual personalities, right?  There’s a good chance that none of those pups would be like your beloved pet.  Instead, in memory of your beloved animal, volunteer your time at a shelter, make a donation in your pet’s name, or adopt a shelter/rescue dog.  

I’m not even going to get into puppy mills here – I’ll save them for a discussion on buying a pet vs. adopting  a pet.  

Please share that graph I posted – if you would like, I can email it to you so you can make sure you get it full-size.


T-Rex at my local Museum of Natural History
T-Rex at my local Museum of Natural History