Silly Dog

So we went to the vet tonight.  I could have cancelled my visit because as soon as I woke up this morning I knew Inara was completely back to normal.  She was snuggled with me under the sheet, raced me to the kitchen and was super playful as I got ready for work.  I kept her appointment anyway just because I wanted to hear from the vet herself that I’m wacko.  

Vet took her temp, checked her glands and teeth, etc and then declared her perfectly healthy.  She said that it probably was just the heat making her sluggish.  And she only charged me $11 for the visit!  I have the best vet.  🙂

On another happy note, Inara got another award today!  Princess the Pit Bull is a fan of Inara’s (as we are of her!):


I’m supposed to pass this on to another blog that I’m a fan of.  That’s tough because there are so many, and I just handed out awards a couple days ago, but I think I’m going to choose Behind The Behavior.  Blogs are posted by several different animal behavior consultants on numerous awards.  Check it out – there are some great articles!

Thanks again for the well-wishes for Inara’s health!!!


Tuckered puppy with supervising kitty
Tuckered puppy with supervising kitty

2 thoughts on “Silly Dog

  1. Excellent! Quizz has springtime allergies and is often tired and listless for short periods of time. My vet and I figured out the timing and symtoms. As he has gotten older, I haven’t had to put him on antihistimes as much either.

    I’m just glad Inara’s back to herself.

    Quizz’s Mom Leila

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