Dog school was great today!

Inara and I had dog school this morning.  Over the past few weeks her reactivity has dropped and she is now more interested in me than the other dogs.  The previous classes we had zig-zagged through cones, working on eye contact.  Well, the ante was upped today.  

After zig-zagging through the cones, they decided that we were all doing so well that the difficulty needed to be increased.  So people with their dogs replaced the cones. We had to zig-zag through people/dog pairings, with about 4 feet between the dogs.  I was a bit nervous as I try to avoid getting that close to other dogs, but I took a deep breath and we went for it.  

Inara did SO FREAKING WELL!!!  She completely ignored the dogs that were only a couple feet away, just focusing on me (well, the treats!) the whole time we were zig-zagging.  Several times Inara got within about 18 inches of the other dogs and she didn’t even care.  All the dogs did amazingly well.

Then we practiced walking straight towards each other and shaking hands, with our dogs on our left.  Once again, all the dogs did so well.  Not a growl, stare or snark of any kind.  Just very cool.  🙂

It blows my mind how far all the dogs have come so far in this class.  That first week was chaotic, with dogs freaking out and whining and screaming whenever a new dog entered the room.  None of the dogs even realized that they had owners on the other end of their leashes.  This week, they looked like “regular” dogs you could be proud to take on a walk.  Everybody has obviously worked very hard.  All the dogs in this class are going to be great pit bull ambassadors.



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