I’m exhausted…

I had quite the un-relaxing weekend.  On Friday, around 10pm, J calls me to tell me her 5 year old pit/rott Echo is throwing up (like, 6 times in 90 minutes), lethargic, and just not herself.  So off to the emergency vet she goes, and I meet her there for moral support.  Fortunately the vet there is fantastic and immediately flops onto the floor with Echo while he talks to J.  He didn’t feel anything in her abdomen and Echo wasn’t showing any signs of pain as he palpated, so he recommended bloodwork and an x-ray.  To the tune of $400.  J says of course, do what you need to do.  

They bring Echo back out and a little bit later the vet calls us back into the room for the results of the testing.  Pancreatitis.  Fortunately a mild case, caught early.  Normally he would recommend a hospital stay with IV fluids but he sensed that Echo would not tolerate an IV.  So he gave her 3 shots and then pumped her full of sub-q fluids before sending her home with strict care/feeding instructions.  J and I had a fantastic laugh over Echo’s “back boobs,” though the fluid rapidly slid down and became “shoulder boobs.” Still great fun.  So, at about 1:30am we left the vet and went our separate ways.  I got to bed about 2:30.

Saturday – I wake up bright and early even though I’m able to sleep in.  Not cool.  At 1 I pick up a lady, L, who had posted an ad on Craigslist begging for a ride to check out some local shelters as her dog had run away.  The first shelter we went to was the local City Kennel.  I’d never been in there, and I will never go back.  It was dark and dingy, and the dogs had a choice of lying on a concrete floor or a stainless steel shelf.  The worst part though was all the pit bulls.  Every size, shape and color, in their own aisle. And all of them are going to be euthanized.  The City Kennel doesn’t adopt out pit bulls (pits are vicious here in Ohio, in case you didn’t know *rolling eyes*) so they hold them for the mandatory 3 days and then euth them.  I almost started crying right there in the kennel.  It was horrible.

Unfortunately L was unable to find her dog at any of the shelters, so she was heart-broken.  I was exhausted.  I went home and napped for three hours.

Sunday morning we had dog school.  I love dog school, but I still had to get up early for it and it’s tiring.  But Inara did so fantastically well!!! That was definitely the bright point of the weekend.  She was walking in between two rows of dogs, maybe 3 feet on either side of her and she kept her eyes on my face the whole time.  It was really exciting.

Sunday afternoon J took me to lunch as a thank you for accompanying her to the e-vet. I tried to explain to her that it didn’t make sense for her to spend money on me after she’d just spent a large chunk at the e-vet, especially since she would have done the same for me.  She didn’t listen, and we had a great lunch.

So that was my weekend.  I was whipped.  Inara was annoyed at having to spend more time than usual in her crate.  And now I’m already ready for the weekend again.  *sigh* No rest for the wicked, I suppose.

Here’s an old (May ’07) pic of Inara and Echo playing.  Rest assured that Echo is no longer a heifer.  J worked hard to get her svelte now, but I don’t have any updated pics of her.  Please excuse the crappy quality – it was with my old digital camera.


Inara being eaten alive by Echo
Inara being eaten alive by Echo

2 thoughts on “I’m exhausted…

  1. I have a hard time walking into shelters. They depress me so much. You are a good friend, E-vet can be scary when you don’t know whats happening. Its nice to have the moral support.

  2. Aren’t they cute. Echo misses her Inara, she is watching me as I type and started her “cooing” when she saw the pic of her and Inara!! Gotta love these dogs! Thanks again woman!! Now get some rest!

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