“Why pit bulls?”

I usually get asked that with a sneer.  There’s no short answer for it, but I’m always intrigued about what got people interested in this fantastic breed.  

Here’s my story.

In the early fall of 2005 I was out with the fugitive taskforce (I’m in law enforcement) searching for fugitives.  At one house I was in the back, making sure nobody escaped through a window.  We had crappy equipment and my radio ended up falling off my belt.  I leaned over to pick it up and the guy out back with me said, “Don’t move, there’s a pit bull right by your head.”

Well, crap.  I’d never met a real pit bull.  I had never even really thought about them.  But I didn’t relish the thought of being scalped by a dog, regardless of breed.  So I moved one hand slowly to my weapon and then lifted my head a bit to see the dog.  The guy with me laughed and said, “never mind, it’s fine.”  I stood up and saw a ball of wiggling mush.  She was white, and chained to a concrete porch.  No shade, no food, no water.  She was malnourished, every rib visible.  She didn’t have a collar on, just a large chain wrapped very tightly around her neck (I couldn’t fit a finger underneath it).  She only had about 2 feet to move, and that was all on concrete with nowhere soft to sit or lie down.  

I stood there giving her lovings until the guys inside were done.  She was so starved for attention.  The guys offered to help me steal her, but I couldn’t.  As I walked back down the driveway she whined and stuck her head through the porch railing, watching me go.  Her eyes broke my heart.  I still regret not taking her.

I called the humane investigators as soon as I got in the car, and told them that if they confiscated her I would take her.  Unfortunately I was never able to get a follow-up from them.  I hope with all my heart that they took her.  Even if they euthed her it would have been more humane than the life she was living.  

I’ll never be able to forget her.  I couldn’t get over how sweet she was even though she was so obviously neglected.  She was “my first.”  After meeting her, I did weeks worth of research online, reading everything I could find about the breed.  It was eye-opening and I decided I had to have one.  The rest is history.

So what’s your story?


There's nothing like the love of a pit bull.
There's nothing like the love of a pit bull.

2 thoughts on ““Why pit bulls?”

  1. Why Pit Bulls? Because they deserve the same love and forgiveness they offer their people – even when their people are inhumane a-holes. Thank you for sharing your story. Dog bless the Pit Bulls and the people who love them!!

  2. My story is that my daughter was in the hospital in Jan ’06, dying from chronic rejection after a lung transplant. We talked about rescuing another dog, we already had 2 little rescues. We decided that the dogs who needed the most help were pit bulls, and when she came home we would find a pit bull to rescue. Natalie wanted a white one and to name her Daisy. I would have promised her anything at that point. Natalie died on Feb 1 ’06, about a month later Daisy came to live with me. I found her at a rescue, she had been picked up almost dead as a puppy from a backyard breeding situation with her brother. She is my heart hound, and I love her more than anyone can fathom.

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