How is Inara strange?

Let me count the ways…

  1. I gave her a marrow bone this evening and she’s eating it standing up, with her tail tucked all the way under her body.  Weirdo.
  2. She flirts with new toys and treats – she’ll jump around it, play bow and talk to it.
  3. I have to keep a baby gate up to keep her away from the cat box.
  4. She enjoys flinging toys around so they beat her in the ribs.
  5. She flirts with dogs that are big enough to knock her down with one paw.
  6. She’ll sit with her back to me and then lean back so I have to prop her up, then she stares up at me upside down.
  7. If I do raspberries on her body she gets all playful and growls and jumps around.
  8. She’s scared of the noise that clickers make.
  9. Even though she’s heard my doorbell only a few times, if she hears one on TV she jumps up and runs to the door.
  10. She likes to squirm around on her back, growling at toys that may be near her.
  11. She can’t swim to save her life.
  12. She has the perfect state of Ohio on her right side.
  13. She tries to attack the vacuum.
  14. She looks abused in 99% of the pictures I take of her.
  15. She thinks she’s a lapdog.

I could go on and on, but that’s enough for now.  She’s special, and I adore her. 


Mmmmm...peanut butter!
Mmmmm...peanut butter!

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