Vet Visit

I love my vet.  She owns a tiny little practice with no bells or whistles, but she and her staff are phenomenal.  They are extremely pit bull friendly and adore Inara.  Her prices are ridiculously cheap (Inara’s spay was $110 out the door, and an office visit is only $23) and her hours are fantastic, with lots of evening and weekend times.  They actually have a picture of Inara and her brother (Atlas, RIP) hanging at the front desk.  It’s been there for 3 years.  They also have Inara’s Christmas card up there as well.

So you can imagine my surprise last month when I accompany a friend and her three dogs (2 pits, 1 pit/rott) to the vet to help with the dog wrangling.  There was a new vet tech there who was having a lot of trouble holding Echo, the pit/rott.  The Doc had to keep correcting her on how to hold Echo, where to put her arms, etc, and I finally ended up grabbing on Echo’s back end to help her.  Fine, whatever, everybody has to learn.  But here comes the good part.  As my friend was paying, this vet tech was all excited and saying, “I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow and tell everybody how I pinned down a vicious pit bull all by myself!  It was like wrestling a tiger!”  Um, what?

So when I took Inara to the vet this evening I told them that chick was not allowed anywhere near Inara, and shockingly enough, they told me she was no longer working there.  Gee, what an absolute shocker that is.  She seemed so qualified.  *envision me rolling my eyes in a big way as I say that*  They were appalled when I told them what she had said.  

Regardless, my vet is awesome.  Even though Inara was acting like a fruitcake today and squirming all over, the Doc still talked nicely to her and joked around as she managed to give her a rabies shot and draw blood for her annual heartworm test.  I love my vet.

And on a side note, Inara is heartworm free, regular worm free (poop test done today, too!) and down to 46 lbs.  This time last year she was 59 (I let her gain too much winter weight.  Oops.)  She looks fabulous and is healthy.  Life is good.  


Spoiled?  Naaah.
Spoiled? Naaah.