It’s my turn!!!

Mom told me that I could write tonight’s blog!  Actually, she’s writing it as I dictate as I don’t type very well.  My footsies tend to mush down several keys at once, and I already stepped on Mom’s laptop and broke off the Caps Lock key.  Who needs that key anyway though, right???

So I deliberated long and hard about what to talk about for my very first blog.  I thought I would talk about my favorite toys, in case that maybe helps some other pit bulls (or other dogs, I s’pose) out there.  I don’t really have an all-time favorite as my mood varies (do I want to destroy a stuffie, annoy mom with a squeaker, or just chew on something?), so here’s a run-down of the classics.  Mom is also going to put in the website so you can see what it looks like:

1.  Bad Cuz/Other Cuz – I’m sure the good ones are, well, good, but I only have the bad ones and the Other Cuz.  I have 2 currently, only one of which still squeaks.  Mom hates these with a passion and always threatens to shoot them when I pick it up and just start squeaking it compulsively.  It’s super-loud and obnoxious!  It’s AWESOME!!!  I know some dogs gnaw off the horns and legs, but I haven’t done that.  These are really sturdy.  (Note from Mom: you can pop the squeaker out with a screwdriver if it gets to be too much to bear!)

2.  Kong Ball – I am a destroyer of weak balls (did that sound wrong?), so the Kong Ball is great for me.  It bounces really well, but it’s not hollow so even if I gnaw on it a bit it doesn’t mush up.  

3.  Racquet balls – These may actually be my all-time favorites.  When I was learning flyball, I ran much better if there was a racquet ball in the box instead of a tennis ball.  Mom couldn’t figure out how I knew, but I did.  I destroy these really quickly though (after a few tosses) so these are a special treat for when I’ve been really good.  Mom says the only problem is they get all slimy and gross when playing fetch, but that’s part of why I like them.  

4.  Rope bone – These are so simple, yet classic.  My faves are about 18″ long – long enough for mom to play tug with me, but short enough that I can fling it side to side wildly and thump myself in the ribs.  Mom’s shocked I haven’t broken anything yet.  These get frayed after a few months, but they’re cheap to replace.

5.  Nylabone Wishbone – When I just feel like chewing on something, this is my favorite.  I like the Wishbone because it’s got three good tips to chew on as opposed to just two.  These are fantastic chewables!  Super tough.

6.  Deer Antler – Mom got me one of these and was disappointed because it was expensive and I didn’t chew it for a long time.  But recently I’ve been going through a big phase where I will gnaw on these for a long time.  They’re all natural!

These are probably my favorites that have withstood the test of time (and my teeth!).  Hopefully if your doggie mom and dads are in need of ideas this will help them.  Thanks for reading!


Me looking all model-ish
Me looking all model-ish

2 thoughts on “It’s my turn!!!

  1. Hey Inara, my favorite toys are nylabones and the best oys is Kong balls!!!! I have been called the Queen of the kongs by some. Oh and I do manage to chew them up, you may want to read my post called Konga Line.

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