Pet Health Insurance

Watching Inara play today – racing up and down the stairs, slamming into walls, skidding across the floors – I had the thought of, “Thank god I have health insurance for her.”  This thought pops into my head frequently, generally several times throughout the day.  

I got insurance for Inara when she was a puppy, maybe about 3 months old.  I got her at 8 weeks of age, and I could tell from day one that she would be an absolute train wreck.  She feels no pain.  She actually dented the drywall at my old house when she was about 4 months old.  With her head.  Gave her quite a bump that lasted for a long time, but it didn’t slow her down any.  

I chose Embrace Pet Insurance (you can find a link to them on the right side of my blog).  They seemed the most personalized and had the most reasonable price tag for the coverage.  They do not cover basic routine care, but I can afford that.  I wanted something that would cover expensive accidents and surgeries.  And this does.  I was able to choose the level of coverage that I wanted, as well as add on the cancer rider in case, god forbid, she ever gets cancer.  I was also able to choose the deductible that I wanted.  Embrace gives discounts if your dog is micro-chipped, which Inara is, so that was nice.  I also appreciate that every time I call there, not once have I ever gotten a recording.  At all.  A real person actually answers the phone!  And that person doesn’t pawn me off on anybody else – they answer my question.  Amazing.

Fortunately (miraculously!) I have never had to use the insurance.  I have been blessed with a remarkably low-maintenance (health-wise, at least!) dog.  I know so many people whose pit bulls have horrible allergies, skin problems, ACL issues, etc.  Inara *frantically knocking on wood* has only once had to go to the vet for a non-routine problem, and she only needed some antibiotics for a few days to clear up her fever from that.  

Even though I’ve never had to utilize her insurance, the peace of mind it gives me is wonderful.  Too many people have to give up their dogs, or make do with less effective remedies, because they can’t afford surgery.  I’ll never have to say, “put her down because I can’t afford to save her.”  

Cost of monthly pet insurance: $30

Peace of mind that gives me?: Priceless.


Her butt is covered by Embrace!
Her butt is covered by Embrace!

Future Topics

Just wanted to make a list of things I’m planning on discussing here in the future.  Please leave in the comments any suggestions of things you guys want to talk about!

  • Nutrition
  • Dog sports
  • Breeding
  • Puppy mills
  • Toy reviews
  • Trainer reviews
  • Why the H$U$ and PeTA are so bad
  • Dog aggression/reactivity

Hopefully you guys throw some suggestions out there as well, and we can get some good discussions going!


Inara playing with her beloved 99 cent ball
Inara playing with her beloved 99 cent ball